Maybe this silence is dangerous

So vacation's nice, aside from being alone during daytime. I really can't even be alone for just a couple of hours without getting depressed haha. I've tried for years but can never manage it.
Last night we went to Tommy's parents for his birthday dinner. They're away this weekend when it's his real birthday. We were served tacos and ice cream, delicious. And he got some gifts. One of them was a travel gift card which is perfect. :) Then we walked home in the summer evening. It was still hot and not too dark. I wish it could be summer forever. <3
Today I met two old colleagues for an after-work. Well it was only an after work for one of us, two of us are on vacation. We went to Baras Imperium at Söder. I had some fries and a strawberry gin & tonic, it was good. We mostly talked about the job we worked together at, as usual. Same old topic haha. We're all so relieved to not be working there anymore, life is so much better now.
On the way back we had some ice cream and watched some people dance haha. Only oldies. When I got home Tommy had bought Coke lemon, my favourite. Yum. This week I've been watching the Saw-movies. Tonight I'm finishing with Jigsaw. It's a little too bloody for my taste but also a good story, although I have to look away and cover my ears at times haha.
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