Gröna Lund
So today is Tommy's 30th birthday.
We celebrated yesterday, went to Gröna Lund with Nicklas, Malin and their son William. It was a long day with a lot of fun. :) We left in the morning before breakfast, and I think we were there a bit before 12. And ended up staying for 8-9 hours. Time flies when you're in there. A lot of waiting around for rides and stuff.
Nicklas and Tommy won 2 kilos chocolate each haha. I don't wanna play those things because I honestly don't want that much chocolate at home. To be honest I'm a bit tired of chocolate. During the summer I don't really crave sugar too much, mostly ice cream or salty things like chips. Hopefully I'll keep away from the candy drawer.
We walked through House of Nightmares which was actually a bit creepy for me this time since there were a lot of snakes, which is my biggest fear. Thank God it wasn't real snakes haha, then I would've died. ;P
Today we're really tired from the long day yesterday, so we're just staying in. The birthday boy's wish is to have pizza for dinner. I'm not complaining. I've started watching Bones which has 12 seasons so I'll be busy with that for a while haha.
Feels good to have another week of vacation.
#1 - Anna

Slutade titta på Bones efter 4-5 säsonger. Kanske borde börja igen 🤔