Yesterday I felt rested when I woke up but after like an hour I felt so tired that I wanted to go back to bed haha. We went to Plantagen and bought some plants for the house. A palmtree on the balcony. :)
On the evening we went to Jenny and Per's house-warming. They lived here in Hässelby for a while which was nice since it was so close to us and we could hang out all the time. But now they bought an apartment in Täby which is all the way across town (unfortunately for us). But fun for them. It was a really nice apartment and the view was amazing.
We took the car there because otherwise it would've taken at least one and a half hour to get there, with four different changes from subway to train to bus and so on. No way we were doing that haha. Emma and Simon had been at another party before that was on the way so we picked them up.
I just had a few gin longdrinks (3) so didn't even get close to drunk, just the perfect amount of fun and relaxed. Tommy had some non-alcoholic beers and chatted with Simon all night about gaming I think. Emma and I played games with the others half the night, Jenny was everywhere (as a hostess of course) and there was also some dancing. Really fun party. :) We left a bit before midnight, drove Gabbi and two other girls to a subway station. And picked up some fast food on the way.
Today we have no plans which is basically mandatory the day after a party. ;) Even when we're not hungover from alcohol, we're socially hungover. Tommy and I work the same way which is great. So he's gonna be gaming today and I'll hang out on the balcony and catch up on some blogs, and read my book. Perfect Sunday in my opinion.