Vacation & Freedom
Finally free! ;D Worked my last day at the old job, now two weeks vacation before the new job. Feels amazing. This week has been really messy workwise, not a day of peace until the end. At least it makes me appreciate leaving that place even more. ;)
Just because I wrote last time that I had a lot of fun plans this week, half of them were cancelled haha. But it was fine. Just feel like my old colleagues (that I still want to keep in touch with) are no longer interested in hanging out, which is a bit disappointing. But life goes on I guess. I have many other great friends. :)) Their loss.
Yesterday I met Tommy at Gnarly Market after work. We had drinks (well, one) and dinner. Waffles for me this time, I've been wanting to try them. They did not disappoint! Super delicious.
It's still very hot today but the humidity seems a bit lower which is good. I don't like being sweaty constantly. And I am not even a person who sweats easily.
We just had dinner on the balcony. Earlier tonight we heard the ice cream truck and ran out like two little kids haha. Bought a big pack so now the freezer is filled with ice cream. It's allowed as long as it's this hot. When the fall comes I'm not gonna want ice cream anymore.
#1 - Anna

Nu blev jag också sugen på glass 😬