After tearing me down it's the rain of denial

Damn, I'm sooo sick of work now haha. The last week is always the longest, feels like Thursday today but it's only Tuesday. Had a really annoying day at work, so much for having a calm last week. But at least it'll make me appreciate it even more when I quit. ;P Only three days left!
Yesterday me and Anna met Gustaf after work. He's visiting from Toronto. We went to Pinchos. None of us is really good at coming up with restaurants, I rarely eat out. Well a bit more during the summer, otherwise like never. I like it when you can buy many small courses. Just got a little too many yesterday though haha. I was sooo full for the rest of the night. Nice evening and good to catch up though.
Went to the gym on Sunday for the first time in like 2 months.. had a little unplanned summer break. Need to get back to business :))
It was really difficult to fall asleep since it's still so hot. This summer is just unbelievable. Never thought I'd see the day when I would actually be tired of the heat haha. When I was little I always wanted it to be "as hot as possible" but now when I'm getting older I realize I can't really handle the heat. It was 27-28 degrees in Greece and even that was too hot for me haha. I didn't feel so well this morning and it was "only" 26 degrees. Luckily I felt a lot better when I got to the office which is cold.
It seems like it's about to go down to "regular swedish summer" from next week, more cloudy and around 22 degrees. Usually I would go crazy that the weather would get worse when I go on vacation, but now I'm the opposite. A little cooler weather is more than welcome at this point. ;P I still don't want too much rain. It can rain when I'm at home, or at night.
Coffee with Bailey's... yum!
Lunch with Jenny today, back at the crime scene hmm ;P
Have a lot of fun stuff planned this week but still counting the days until I leave this job. As always on the last week of a job I feel an increased level of stress even though there's no reason for it. It's always like that. Really need to get plenty of rest this vacation, to get ready for my new job. This time I'm not only excited about leaving this behind, I'm also really excited to start at the new one! So many perks that I've never had at a job before, for one. And many other reasons. More on that later.