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So first real vacation day after the weekend. Still feels so weird to have vacation and being at home, feels like I'm playing hooky haha.
The plan was going to the movies with mom. When I got up I considered going to the gym, but wanted to go to town earlier to have time to do some shopping. Maybe tomorrow. I'm so sick of this god damn headache I've been having for over a month now. The worst thing is that I don't know what it is, it could be basically anything. I have problems with my back and neck for one. Went to a chiropractor in March which helped a little.
But now I'm thinking it's because I clench my teeth. And now it's a vicious cycle. I'm in pain because of tension and the pain is making me more tense. There always has to be a dark cloud somewhere, everything can't be perfect haha. This is a pretty big one.
Anyway, walked around for a bit before I met mom. Bought some stuff. A new notebook for the new job, and a pair of work appropriate pants. ;P And a small frying pan for frying eggs. And small pancakes. And mom brought her gift for Tommy's 30th birthday on Sunday. He'll have to wait until then to open it. She had done some shopping as well.
Then we went to the movies to see Mamma Mia 2. It was alright, I'm not super into musicals. I think they just sing way too much and it's hard to keep up with the story. Got a major girl crush on the new lead Lily James though. ;) If I were into women she would be my gal.
When I got home we had asian for dinner. I had eight mini springrolls. Feel like seeing a movie... Love having vacation and not having to get up early tomorrow. :D
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Cozy day :)