Chillin on the balcony with a double espresso. Just got home, it's been a fun day. :)

Met Emma in town at 12. We did some shopping. I ended up buying three sweaters for work. Wish I would've found more stuff but I'm glad I found anything at all. It's so difficult to shop work appropriate clothes when it's different from your own personal style. That makes it a lot less fun to buy new stuff. And I didn't find any shoes. It's either a too high heel (uncomfortable) or ugly old lady shoes haha. Boring. I'll have to go shopping again when the weather gets cooler. We got so exhausted in this heat.
When we got tired of shopping we went to Fridays. Miranda joined after a while, she had been working. We had some nachos with guacamole and salsa first, and then dinner. I had chicken breast and fries, yum. Totally stuffed and got even more tired. I could go to bed now haha. Shopping is tiring. Feel like I might be getting a cold or something, I've been sneezing and blowing my nose a lot today. Hard to tell in this heat.
Got nothing planned for tomorrow. Right now I feel pretty good about it. But I'll probably get bored after breakfast. I plan to at least do some grocery shopping though.
#1 - Anna

Vi skulle ju shoppa 😧